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In all the lovesystemsmaterial I've read/heard the attraction switches listed are always thefollowing 8:

health, wealth,humor, social intuition, pre-selection, status, confidence, challenge

But I always hearabout 'Leader of men' and 'protector of loved ones. Why aren't these included?I know for a fact they are not in the RM2. Not sure about MB 1.5
Or do they fitinto the above 8 somewhere?

Also what about aman's ability to cook or build/fix things or simply good looks? Or are theseones just socially conditioned attraction switches/individual girl preferencesrather than biological?

Great Set ofquestions.

The 8 attractionswitches are -- if you see a beautiful woman and don't know anything about her-- your best bet for creating attraction.
8个吸引开关其实是 – 如果你看到一个漂亮的女孩子,但是不知道她的任何事情 – 这些开关是你构建吸引力的最好的选择。

Of course there areother things that are attractive. Some just aren't as important as these 8.Like putting the toilet seat down. Other things are very attractive, but notequally so to most beautiful women. The classic example there is intelligence -some women love intelligent men; for others, it does nothing or is even aturnoff.
理所当然还有其他的构建吸引力的东西。但有些不如这8个那么重要:比如把马桶垫放下。还有些非常有吸引力,但是不广泛适用于大多数美女。经典的例子就是智慧 – 有些女人喜欢有智慧的男人;但是有些,这对她们来说没什么用,甚至会让她们丧失兴趣。

Looks are coveredwithin health. Magic Bullets 2.0 renames that one "Health andAppearance".

Leader of men is partof status.

Protector of lovedones is important to some women, not to others. It's like intelligence in thatway.

You should onlyreally be worried about the attraction switches for the first 20 minutes or so.By then, you should know enough about her that you can be a bit more targeted.

I have to disagree savoy, pre selection Leader of men and protectorof loved ones are three of the big four, along with confidence. Survival is themost primal human instinct, this specifically adresses it, and is what femalesare all about, based on evolutionary psychology. it directly relates to hersurvival, and having healthy children and there survival, at a basic level. Isit essential to have, no, but it is with any other attraction switch, everywomen wants it in different amounts, It is important to every women whetherthey conciously realize it or not.

Alright, let's trythis one last (?) time. This is important.

There are 3 billionwomen in the world. They are all different and will all want different things.My friend Paula in college loved witty older intellectual cynical types. Myex-girlfriend's sister Amy was all about rugged individualistic self-sufficientoutdoorsy guys. Etc. There is no way you're going to know any of this beforeyou talk to her.
这个世界上有30亿女人。她们都是不同的,有不同的需求。我大学里的朋友Paula喜欢诙谐的年长的智慧的玩世不恭的Woody Allen之类的类型。我的前女友的妹妹Amy喜欢独立的热爱户外活动的类型。等等。你无法在和她交谈之间就知道这些。

So when you firstmeet a woman, say a couple minutes in, what qualities do you want her to knowabout you? If you talk about your love for camping, you've bored Paula. If youtalk about books you've read, Amy will start scanning the room for other guys.

Now, some of that isinevitable, and good. You're not trying to be all things to all women. You'renot even trying to be something you're not. You don't need to be. What you aretrying to do is to present yourself from the best angle. To show the aspects ofyour personality that are most attractive and relevant to her. Because shedoesn't have time to get to know you and all the other 5000 guys who haveapproached her in the past year. If you're good, you get a few minutes to giveher something to latch onto and feel attracted to you. What we'r(PUA学习尽在diuxue.com)e trying toavoid is situations where you HAVE qualities that interest her but she neverfinds out about them because you're too busy talking about useless shit.

So, enter theattraction switches from the Magic Bullets Handbook.

Attraction switchesare eight things that most beautiful women around the world tend to like.They're not the 8 most important characteristics a man can have to attractwomen. But they ARE your best bet for things to convey early on after meeting abeautiful woman. As different as they both are, both Amy and Paula notice a guywith social intelligence, humor, confidence, who is pre-selected, and so on. SOIf you met either of them in a bar, you wouldn't start with a shot in the darkabout your camping trip or your book club. You'd start with stuff thatattractive women usually tend to like which makes her interested in getting toknow you. Then you can see what other interests you might have in common(qualification and comfort).

I hope this helps --it's an important concept so I don't mind answering questions about it.
希望对你有用 – 这是个重要的概念,所以我不介意回答这些问题。

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