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My First Pick-up Experience

My First Pick-up Experience 新小伙的现场report,我的处女把妹经历

August 19th, 2008
Hey guys,
The reason I wanted to share this is because,
before he got the Mind of Mystery, Plastic Nebula didn’t have a lot
of experience with meeting new cute girls.
我想要分享这个报告的原因是,笔者(Plastic Nebula)在学习mystery方法之
前,没有多少把正妹hot baby的经历
Here’s his Plastic Nebula’s field report:
The pool was very crowded, so I was reluctant to get in to the pool. Instead, I lay on my lounge chair and decided to read the daily newspaper that I got from the waiter. Chris (an exchange student from Boston came who all the way down to Istanbul) was lying down on the ground next to me,looking for some hot girls. A few seconds later, he poked me with a greatenthusiasm, without caring the fact that i hate to be poked when I’m reading something. “Dude!” he said, with a great shocking impression, “Look at that girl over there!”. I lay down my newspaper, muttering angrily about the uncomfortable situation that I’m in.

“Hey, hey, hey, just stop it OK? Look at her man, she is really,really hot.”
“Which one?”
“The brunette with white huge white sun glasses.”
“Hey, hey, hey,不要看报了,看她身体,真的真的太辣了。”

I was shocked. He was right. No, no… Chris’ definition of the girl as”hot” was inadequate; she was “extraordinarily enchanting”.The way she moves, the way she talks, the way she breathes, the way she sits-up and down and God knows what else she does was very, very close to the point of perfect (as you know, nobody’s perfect).
She was out of the 1 to 10 scale. She was 11.
Chris was laughing while holding my jaw, protecting it from falling down. Thething is, i was very scared because she might saw the funny, shocked impression on my face. Chris poked me again, and said:
“Why don’t you go and pick her up? You know… you’re speakingabout some stuff named Mystery Method that changed your life. Instead of talking, you should get things in to a practical area man.”
He was right. What i was doing for months was only reading and watching about pick-up. It was time to get things started; but it was not that easy of course.Approach Anxiety began to fill my body mercilessly.
“Dude, look at her. She must be a model or something. If I do this,this will be my first experience and this 3 set, seems pretty rough for me. At least I cannot do it right now.”
“If not now, then when?”

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